Life Sciences

No matter what size of the pharmaceutical, biotech or medical device company you are, the rigid regulation and dynamic nature of this sector makes IT a vital important tool for your success. We can not only help you on your IT operation and infrastructure, but also provide you the peace of mind that IT is taking care of by us.

Our president has over 15+ years of experience in pharma industry and we are from your industry. We take the time to really understand your business and your needs, both strategically and realistically. Our entire focus is on finding ways to eliminate complexity from your business and find ways to reduce the demands on your time and your resources on IT related issues.

By partner with AcornLogic IT, you can expect the following:

  • Technology planning and introduce of new technology
  • Help streamline your IT processes and improve the operation efficiency
  • Make flawless migration to the cloud
  • Successful Vendor management strategies that proved cost-effective

Experience our industry leading customer service. No other solution providers can match our super quick response time, extraordinary customer supports, or our ability to deliver common sense technology solutions that work exactly how you expect them to.

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