Our Services

At AcornLogic IT, we support diverse business categories. And within each category, no two companies are alike. So the services and support required to maintain compliance, efficiency and budgetary guidelines must remain flexible. To that end, we provide and support industry leading technology solutions and a wide range of products designed to improve your operations.

Technology Consulting

There are lots of new and exciting technologies emerging and becoming available these day but are they right for your business? What benefits do they add to your daily operations, productivity and client experience? How much will they really cost? Will they all work as you envisioned when you purchased them?

Determining the right technology for your business can be confusing and time consuming, making it an overwhelming and daunting task. Typically, the details are many and, if not accounted for, can be the difference between a successful implementation that exceeds your expectation or a frustrating costly disappointment.

At AcornLogic IT, we pride ourselves on our level of technical knowledge and experience. We can design, implement and manage optimized, efficient solutions for your business according to manufacturer’s specifications and industry standard best practices, assuring that it’s working the way you expect it to.  Get More Info

Cloud Strategies

Let us help put an end to Cloud Confusion and ease the worries with well planned strategies designed to get more from your core business resources.

Most business owners struggle with trying to decide if they should use a complete cloud solution or will find the biggest benefit from on premise systems?  Most often, they find the best balance between maximizing operations and managing monthly recurring cost in a hybrid solution.

AcornLogic IT knows that before you can select the best tool for the job it is imperative to have a thorough understanding of what you are trying to accomplish, the requirements, your expectations and, most importantly, how this is going to improve your business. Get More Info

Business Continuity

Life throws its curve balls but, even so, your company must be able to provide consistent dependable service to your clients at all times.

Is your computer system resilient enough to withstand failures and outages without disrupting your daily production or compromising services for your clients?  Does your staff know how to keep your business operating during these types of events?  Is there an easy way to resume operations without losing data once normal services are restored?

Knowing that your business is covered during outages will bring peace of mind.  You can avoid chaos, stress, lost revenue and frustrated clients if you prepare for these types of events when everything is running normally. AcornLogic IT will help you plan so your business can survive the expected.  Get More Info

Security and Compliance

Protect your data and system against threats and intruders.  Hackers and breaches have become commonplace these days and it seems that no one is immune.  With cyber-crimes on the rise, one layer of security just isn’t enough anymore and many companies are adopting multiple layers of security to fortify their systems.

Security is a requirement but, too much security can impede production by adversely affecting performance and data accessibility.  More is not necessarily better but too little can be dangerous.  Since there are performance and budget costs associated with implementing security it is important that your security system is right sized and effective.

So, what is the right level of security for your computer system? The answer depends mostly on how your company conducts its business and how the users access the data. AcornLogic IT can design, implement and manage turnkey enterprise quality security solutions that are designed specifically for how you do business.  Get More Info

System Optimization

Does it seem like you keep dumping money into your computer system just to keep it running and it only provides the basic services to support your operations?  Does your staff perform inefficient and manual tasks when providing service to your clients or producing your product? Is your computer system made up of multiple systems, each running at a fraction of its capacity and providing a single function?

Your computer system should be an asset to your business, not a liability. Optimizing its resources, configurations and capacities will not only unlock its full potential thereby maximizing your ROI but, also bring business improvement.

AcornLogic IT can evaluate your computer system to see if it is optimized for your operation and provide a report of what is working well and what may need a little attention.  We can design, implement and manage solutions that capitalize on the efficient parts of your exiting system and add new technology to enhance productivity and performance.  Get More Info