Small to Medium Size Businesses (SMB)

Your business is a big deal!

As a SMB (Small to Medium Size Business) owner, your data is the number one critical asset of your company. How to safe guard and restore your precious data when disaster occurs is critical. The number two worry you should have is the cyber security. There are never 100% secure network but if you have a strategy to deal with penetration or cyber-attack through AcornLogic IT, you are test assured to have a safe environment to run and operate your business.

In addition to the general managed IT services, we provide:

  • CONTINUOUSLY (15 minute increments) and automatic backup data with tested restoration
  • A complete solution to your cybersecurity and malware
  • Combine MSP with quality consultation to help your company be more profitable and efficient

Experience our industry leading customer service. No other solution providers can match our super quick response time, extraordinary customer supports, or our ability to deliver common sense technology solutions that work exactly how you expect them to.

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